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The Single Customer View

Now here comes a story all about how… you can use a ‘Single Customer View’ to enable more effective and efficient marketing and seamless customer experiences. Ok so not quite “Prince of Bel-Air cool” but trust us, it’s useful stuff! But before we delve into the wonderful world of all things data and customer insight, let’s start with some basics.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘multi-channel marketing’ being thrown around willy-nilly but it’s one we shouldn’t ignore. This is where the story of the Single Customer View begins. Customers, now more than ever, demand communication from you in real time and in multiple formats. Long-gone are the days where your comms plan consisted of mass market impersonal emails or sales calls.

And these demanding customers of yours also want this experience to be seamless. Which means that regardless of what channel your customer, let’s say his name is Bob, chooses to engage with you on, the tone of voice, response and speed, needs to be the same. Nowadays Bob has options, so if you don’t give him what he wants, he’ll simply go elsewhere. And who can blame him - we’ve all been there as consumers, going from one brand channel to the next and getting an entirely difference experience, sometimes with entirely different outcomes to the same enquiry or problem even-though we’re, apparently, dealing with the same company every time. When you look to find the roots of this problem, it’s often you find completely different teams, with different priorities, responsible for each channel. With that comes a disconnect with how a customer is interacting with the brand in different parts of the business and what the customer journey actually looks like.

Solution?... the Single Customer View of course!

A SCV allows you to bring together all the touchpoints you have with your customer. It enables you to bring multiple data sets e.g., demographic data, marketing interaction data, device data, loyalty data, purchase data and visit data all into one unified database. As a result, you build deeper and broader insights into a customer’s lifestyle, behaviours and preferences. Getting to know your customers better means providing more useful, relevant and seamless experiences and it’s the key ingredient in enabling efficient and effective multi-channel marketing.

So, when things go a bit wrong and Bob calls up the helpline because the curtains he ordered from your online shop haven’t arrived, you can see that he also spoke to your Social team on Twitter and that they referred him to the helpline. You can also see that he’s a loyal and frequent customer and, based on his purchase data, he’s probably redecorating his kitchen at the moment. Basically, you have the recipe for the perfect, personalised response and you can maybe even throw in a voucher for some free paint for his kitchen walls to make up for the delayed curtains.

Happy, loyal Bob.

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