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It's a mobile driven world

Have you ever felt a part of you is missing when your mobile phone is not at hand? Is it the first thing you check in the morning having slept with it under your pillow?

Mobile technology has become omnipresent in our lives. It’s an extension of ourselves with many surfing the web, catching up on email, shopping, and watching TV all at the same time. This has meant marketers are having to compete for the attention of their customers more than ever.

Adoption of email use on mobile devices has risen annually. Last year, we saw up to 59% of marketing emails sent were opened on a mobile phone (78% on all smart devices). However, as mobile readership continues to increase, new challenges emerge. Subscribers have a growing expectation for personalisation, but their attention spans are shrinking. In this blog, we’ll be exploring how you can optimize your email program for a mobile-driven world.

Understanding your audience and how they view and interact with your messages is vital to ensuring you provide them with the best email experience possible and thus forge a strong and lasting relationship with your brand.

Consider your subscriber’s mobile adoption by identifying what devices they use to open emails. Are they multi-device users? Which operating system do they use? This Insight will help you to build and test content that will render in a way that makes the subscriber engage and act.

Learning’s can also be taken from a subscriber’s read patterns. For instance, timing and location have shown to be significant in influencing email opens. We’ve found that smartphones are used to open emails early in the morning when users likely skim-read and clear their Inboxes whilst tablets and desktop are at their highest in the evening with users taking their time to digest and act on their emails. Knowing that desktop users are more likely to click and make a purchase suggests that marketers need to think more creatively about how to drive sales on mobile devices.

Combining multiple data points like time of day, the location of the individual, the device they are using and their recent purchasing behaviour can help you to personalise your email marketing campaigns creating a unique experience that resonates with the customer.

Once you’ve determined how your audience behave and interact, you can tailor and optimise your email design with the following best practices:

  • No longer using one-size fits all - Responsively designed templates are key to delivering an email that fits your subscribers screen no matter what device they’re using. Use Litmus tests to check how the email is rendering across multiple devices

  • Get noticed - Short, punchy subject lines will help to grab the attention of mobile users

  • Make your email skimmable - subscribers need to be able to easily and quickly digest your message within seconds; focus on bullet points or short lists, ensuring the most important information stands out

  • Placement of CTA’s - ensure your main CTA can be seen without the need to scroll, always consider the mobile fold!

  • Pre-header Summaries – These can be seen within the preview pane of the mobile Inbox so don’t forget to include them

The post-click experience on Mobile

It is not enough to optimise your email marketing for the smart device. We suggest implementing strategies for more effective engagement with subscribers that have clicked on an email. This might mean ensuring that your website is also responsively designed so that the customer journey is fluid or making better use of the mobile technology that is now available. Whether this is encouraging customers to share content on social media directly from an email or opening your app for a more personalised experience (where email recipients already have it downloaded on their phone). Recent campaigns have also incorporated links in the email that automatically open the text message app allowing customers to engage through an additional channel. Marketers are required to think beyond the click, how can we make the post-click experience as seamless as possible?

With these practices, we hope your brand and message can be maximized so that you too can be as omnipresent as the smartphone itself.

Key questions to ask yourself

  • Do you track mobile vs. desktop opens?

  • Which devices are being used to open your emails?

  • Can you determine if users are multi-device users?

  • What is the conversion rate of mobile vs. desktop?

  • Where and when do your customers opening their emails?

If you’re interested in finding out how Atreemo can help you to answer these questions, please contact one of our expert team.

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