Ping Pong Dim Sum

Case Study

Single Customer View

July 2019


Ping Pong are a contemporary group of 9 restaurants operating in the centre of London since 2004. Offering a wide range of Asian treats, their sleek restaurants pay homage to the ancient traditions of Chinese tea houses.

Project Background

The implementation of an effective CRM strategy within the hospitality sector requires a system that allows for a deep understanding of the customer but also has the tools to communicate with the customers at the appropriate touch points.


  • The initial integration involves the amalgamation of various data feeds to build a single customer view

  • Create a suite of automated communications which includes both welcome and re-activation suites and are targeted based on customer segmentation




To begin the initial integration, Ping Pong's various existing data feeds had to be merged, cleansed and de-duplicated. This schematic displays the different feeds coming into the SCV, everything from website data to transactional data from the POS.



Having built a Single Customers View, the next stage was to implement an effective CRM strategy, including building an effective Loyalty scheme and consequent automated communications plan, including both welcome and re-activation suites. 


In addition, there are one off dynamic campaigns (a customer is served different content based on previous behaviours) which use vouchers and promotions to drive Loyalty through the app.


Like any good CRM, it is important to ‘close the loop’ on all activity hence all customer interactions are flagged back to the customer and tracked through a set of dashboards and reports.

The time, effort and planning has culminated in a fully integrated customer journey bringing about outstanding results.



Through utilising the different data feeds in the SCV, campaigns can be segmented and targeted which has massively impacted engagement rates of Ping Pong's manual and automated campaigns. The Birthday suite for example, averages at 32% open rate.

Pin Pong Table.JPG


Since the initial set up of the automated lapsed suite, Ping Pong see a re-activation of 60% of their customers. Customers who are communicated with regularly show a clear difference in their visiting behaviour and Ping Pong's results are a clear example this. See graph below showing average visits of contacted customers versus non-contacted customers over time.


Using dynamic campaigns, Ping Pong are able to deliver highly personalised campaigns based on any number of personal attributes. This strategy is clearly beneficial as it is not unusual for Ping Pong’s segmented campaigns to well exceed a 25% open rate and for their recipients (on average approx. 20k), generate revenue of more than £4,000 within 14 days of being sent - and that’s for a cost to send of just £20! Considering the numerous campaign sends each month, Ping Pong rest assured of the ROI which annually exceeds £200,000. 

Supporting Information

Ping Pong Graph.JPG

The graph above shows the visit patterns over time for customers receiving communications compared to customers that have not been contacted. Over the last two years, it is clear the impact regular targeted communication can have on average customer visits. Contacted Ping Pong customers visit on average around 1.36 times a year compared to 1.16 visits from non-contacted customers.