We know that no two industries are the same.

But one thing that all of our clients have in common is they all want to do more with their customer data.

And that's where we come in.

Health & Fitness


Your EPOS, wifi, booking and loyalty systems all connected to form a fully integrated, closed-loop, Customer Relationship Management solution.


Easily track customer history, spend, loyalty and feedback, all in one place.

Manage loyalty points, vouchers, offers and redemptions.

Identify trends and patterns within your customer database

Send personalised, targeted and timely communications to drive visits and spend

Manage, monitor, categorise and escalate feedback easily and provide timely responses to your guests


 increase in engagement


loyalty customers


average visits last month


increase in sales

Create and manage events. Segment your audience, monitor sign-ups and attendance and create and distribute automated multi-channel communications

Connecting databases is key to everything we do. We therefore have a range of APIs to make the process as simple as possible. We currently integrate with the likes of Comtrex, Design My Night, OpenTable, TripAdvisor to name a few and the list is only getting longer...


All your customers, bookings, classes, memberships and sales figures at your fingertips.


Track your customers live to quickly and easily identify key customers to interact with who are currently in your premises

Effectively manage all your levels of membership in order to reduce attrition, increase enquiries and understand your members better

Organise your sales information, daily activities, leads and acquisitions so you can work smarter. See everything that’s happened with a prospect, then plot the next closing activity

Make more informed decisions. Drive certain programmes or activities based on your customer preferences 

Understand which of your premises are performing better and which ones need a little more support and allocate spend based on insight


All your booking data, customer travel and spend history, feedback and preferences, fully-integrated and all in one place.


Understand the different segments of your customer database. Who are your frequent travellers? How do you convert those occasional travellers into loyal customers?

Create personalised promotions or offers based your customers favourite locations, frequency of travel, lifestyle or demographic amongst many other factors

Send useful and timely communications to your customers, whether that's to remind them of a journey, encourage them to book a trip or to simply say that you miss them

Manage, monitor, categorise and escalate feedback from your travellers and respond quickly and easily. Gain a better picture of what you do well and what you can improve on with customer surveys

Send triggered communications to your customers based on what the weather is that day or based on where and when you have availability

Re-engage and connect with lapsed customers and provide them with a seamless, personalised experience that means they won't want to disappear again

Connecting databases is key to everything we do. We therefore have a range of APIs to make the process as simple as possible. Here's a few integrations we currently have on our books, and the list is only getting longer...

Understand each and every customer, their favourite game, wins and losses with a view to enhancing their loyalty and value.


Top 5% of players form 75% of yearly revenue


first time visitors YTD



loyalty points earned

Create better, more personalised player experiences both on and offline

Build a picture of player behaviour, favourite games, average spend and your most valuable customers

Maximise player engagement and share of wallet

Provide hyper-targeted and personalised incentives 

Surprise and delight your most valuable players with rewards to drive further loyalty

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