Franco Manca

Case Study

Feedback Manager

January 2021


Franco Manca started in Brixton Market in 2008 and have now grown to over 50 pizzerias dotted all around the UK. They offer a fantastic range of delicious sourdough pizzas, with dough made fresh on site daily and using seasonal ingredients, offering only the best of Neopolitan-inspired cuisine.

Project Background & Objectives

Customer feedback is increasingly important these days. Not only does it communicate to customers that you value their opinion, it also provides the measures needed to make valuable improvements to your product or service which ultimately leads to a better customer experience and more visits. For restaurants with so many locations, managing this feedback efficiently can be challenging. For Franco Manca, we started by outlining 3 key objectives:

  • Increase efficiency: Direct each submitted feedback ticket to the correct member of the team to respond to

  • Set and achieve Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Monitor response times to ensure high customer satisfaction

  • Report and analyse results: Analyse and understand key feedback issues to improve business processes and overall performance



1.Working Operationally Efficiently

First, each feedback form was created using the Atreemo Survey Module and integrated to the Franco Manca website. This integration means every submission flows through directly into the system, creating a ticket in Feedback Manager and notifies the relevant member of staff. The notification includes a link which, when clicked, directs the recipient to the feedback ticket to respond or request further support from another member of staff.

Outcome: By using this automated routing process, the correct member of the team is able to deal with the request and respond to the customer immediately.

2. Analysing Efficiency & Outputs

The next part was to ensure that SLAs are met and outputs are consistent across the board.  A series of automated reports are monitored on a weekly and quarterly basis that include a breakdown of results split by location and region. This includes figures around:

  • Number of feedback tickets

  • Average time to respond

  • Breakdown of all responses

  • Sentiment score

In addition any feedback ticket not responded to in the designated time is automatically escalated in the business to ensure it gets dealt with.

Outcome: Being able to produce regular detailed and digestible analysis of the team’s outputs means that efficiency can be monitored and support can be given where needed in areas which require improvement.

3. CSAT & NPS – Monitoring Satisfaction

Finally, it is important to be aware of how satisfied customers are with both your product and service. To do so, we created an incentivised customer satisfaction survey with a Net Promotional Score (NPS) question for customers to give their feedback.

All submissions are channelled into Atreemo and are categorised into positive, neutral and negative tickets. A threshold for each of these is set in Atreemo which automatically calculates the NPS score. Off the back of this, there are weekly reports shared with the whole team, providing a breakdown of NPS scores split by location to monitor satisfaction levels by site, and over time.

Outcome: The operations team can easily analyse customer satisfaction and compare results by location. This ensures they can be quick to react and address any problem areas immediately, monitor trends in line with promotional or sales activities and of course, improve their customer experience in line with the real-time feedback they're receiving. There is nothing more powerful than that!



  • The Franco Manca team have been able to maintain an operationally efficient process by using Feedback Manager's automated routing process.  


  • Area Managers can analyse and segment their results by region with easy-to-use reports sent straight to their inbox.


  • The customer satisfaction form on average receives 300 new submissions per month giving the team the ability to make informed decisions on future operational strategies.

  • Through using Feedback Manager, the Franco Manca team are able to efficiently manage customer feedback, effectively monitor performance and as a result, constantly hit their SLAs and maintain excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Plus all the Feedback is automatically linked to the customer's profile in the Single Customer View so we can further understand how regulars feel about the brand compared to first time visitors.