Bills Restaurants

Case Study


July 2019


Bill's have been well known for their popular brunches and hearty English food since first opening as a greengrocers in Lewes in 2000.

Since then, there are now over 80 restaurants open across the UK, serving everything from delicious breakfasts, light lunches through to dinner and cocktails. 


  • One of Bill's core values has always been to ensure their restaurants are somewhere customers want to come back to. In addition to rewards, they wanted to learn more about their loyal customers and to know how best to say thank you and give something back in return.

  • Through the integration of the Bill's app with Atreemo, Bill's wanted to track their VIPs and understand their visit and spending patterns. They are able to track successful promotions, the types of customers redeeming them as well as average spend amounts.




First, Bill's decided they wanted to reward their customers by giving them back 15% of their purchase points which are paid into their Bank of Bill's account on the app.  Once a customer spends over £75 they become a VIP, giving them access to a host of rewards from free breakfast items to a glass of Prosecco. 


Using real time APIs, Atreemo is able to process a customers transaction made through the app and return to the customers Bank of Bill's account any discounts, points earned or redemptions.  


Once the customer has paid their bill and collected their points, the app closes the check and sends all transnational data into the SCV telling us how many people dined, how much was spent, what was ordered and even what table number they sat on!


With this, Bill's are able to segment and gain insight into Bill's VIP customers which we can use to create marketing campaigns which intelligently target these VIP customers and drive repeat visits and spends.


Bill’s now have thousands of loyalty customers who visit every week with 28% of these reaching the VIP tier. Growth remains solid with over 5% increase of loyalty customers each month and shows no signs of slowing down. And most importantly the data shows that Bill's loyalty customers were visiting on average 12% more compared to those not in the scheme!

Bills Loyalty Graph.jpg


The possibilities are vast and with so much closed loop activity Bill’s are learning every day what drives customers to visit and what promotions work better than others.

As well as the VIP set up, the Atreemo Loyalty module can be used to drive ad hoc promotions, created in an instant. Customers can be targeted right down to an individual level, giving Bill's total control over who receives these discounts and for how long the campaigns are active for, laying the firm foundations of a satisfied loyal customer base.