With over five thousand Atreemo users across Europe, we've been delivering successful solutions to organisations for over a decade. You'll probably recognise a lot of our clients.


From restaurant chains to casinos, our clients are a diverse bunch! One thing they all have in common, however, is they're all using smart CRM solutions to grow and connect with their customer database more efficiently and effectively. 

Atreemo is flexible and fully customisable. We work with every one of our clients to create bespoke and tailored solutions based on their needs. We're as hands-on or hands-off as each of our clients (or 'Partners' as we like to think of them) want and need, but in all cases we see ourselves as an extension of their team.

Our Clients



Michael Pearson

Operations Director

Ping Pong Dim Sum

Acteol have proved to be a revelation for Ping Pong. They seem to be a class apart in terms of CRM providers – the system that we now have knits together our wifi, EPOS, loyalty, booking, waiting list, website and app so we get one view of all our interactions with our customers. The campaign builder is very sophisticated and has revolutionised our ability to talk to our customers about things they are actually interested in.

The best part about Acteol though, is not their clever tech, it’s the people behind it. They really get our business and have been incredibly supportive in dragging us into the 21st century in data terms. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


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