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We're an award-winning CRM agency who specialise in knitting together all your customer data to create a powerful Single Customer View.

We enable our clients to understand the entire customer journey, right from sales lead to advocate and to build broader and deeper insights into a customer's lifestyle, behaviours and preferences.


It's no secret that getting to know your customers better means making better sales and marketing decisions and generating more revenue from less spend!



Single Customer View

Data is everywhere. Bringing it all together unlocks its value.


A SCV allows you to bring together all the touch-points you have with your customer to deliver a richer picture.


We've created a solution (Atreemo) that enables you to do just that; bring multiple data sets together so that you can build deeper and broader insights into your customer's life-cycle, behaviours, preferences and a whole lot more.



Atreemo is our enterprise CRM solution that delivers a closed loop platform to help you track every interaction so that you can focus on what works and demonstrate the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activity.


Atreemo is a modular platform which is packed full of features to help you get the most from your data, whatever your industry.  It also means you only pay for the features you need!

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Single Customer View

At the heart of everything is a powerful SCV. This is where you segment, group and analyse all of your data in one place.

Atreemo is key to enabling more efficient and effective multi-channel marketing.
It allows you to identify the best channel to communicate through, and whether that's email, SMS, push notifications or direct mail, you can create hyper-personalised, relevant and dynamic communications that will yield the best possible results.
But creating the best campaign doesn't always mean the best delivery rate.
One out of every five commercial emails never reaches the inbox. They're delivered to junk or spam and sometimes not delivered at all. 

Annoying, right?

That's why we partner with Return Path to ensure that our clients achieve at least 90% 'into inbox', with most of our clients reaching almost 100%. 

We ensure that email providers acknowledge you as a reputable company by championing email best practise and we will guide you through all the steps to ensure you're compliant.



Our Approach

After four years of preparation GDPR came into force on the 25th May 2018.  We are guiding and supporting all our clients on the handling of customer data for GDPR as simple and as seamless as possible


From a GDPR point of view, there were three main areas we you should be considering when it comes to your Single Customer View (SCV):

  1. How do I keep the data in my SCV up to date?

  2. How do I structure the SCV so that I can hold permissions and consent correctly?

  3. What do I need to do to ensure that I share the correct information with my customers, as and when this is required?

Keeping the data up to date

There are different levels of understanding of what is required under GDPR in terms of keeping data up to date.  This isn’t that surprising as most of the concentration has been on consent and ensuring that you have permission to contact customers.  However, there is also obligation to keep the data you hold current and clean and archive or delete it when it no longer needed.  When you consider your data comes many different sources this can become overwhelming to think about you will manage permissions and preferences across them all!

Every SCV we create does exactly that in an automated world. All customer data is maintained in near real time via a series of APIs to ensure preferences, opt in status and retention policies are maintained to the highest standards of compliance.


Structuring the SCV

With so many data sources each delivering opt in, preferences and consent,  consolidating this data can be a challenge.  Fortunately this is at the core of what we do, so we are able to process all this data to ensure every interaction is recorded and an audit trail maintained so we can see every change a customer has made across the whole customer journey.

This allows us to manage each individuals permission to ensure they only receive the marketing communications they have opted into and our clients have a clear picture of their entire database.

We also store alongside the customer data the privacy policy and marketing opt in / out wording from each source, so if required we can evidence exactly what each customer signed up to in the database.


Preferences and Subject Access Requests

And from a customer perspective there are two other key areas you need to consider - managing subject access requests (SAR) and also allowing customers to manage their permissions.


From a SAR point of view, super users are able to securely export all the customer data held in the SCV on a customer.  From the opt ins and preferences (including all changes over time), their visits through to the cookies that have been stored.  All of this can be exported with a single click to make managing these requests as painless as possible.


From a permission management point of view, we enable customers to access and edit their opt in status across multiple channels, preferences, update their personal details and if appropriate request their data to be deleted.   The Preference Centre can be accessed from any email sent to a customer or by accessing the Preference Centre directly and authenticating via email or SMS.    Any changes made by the customer are applied across the SCV in near real time and wherever possible communicated via API to 3rd parties to ensure the data is sync’d across all data collection points.


In our view, tackling GDPR from an SCV point of view isn’t a luxury but a necessity.  Keeping data current, tracking permissions and consent and ensuring that SARs can be responded to quickly and accurately are all part of the new world of data management. 


This just scratches the surface of what we do to help our clients with data protection.  If you would like to see how we could help please contact us today to find out how Acteol can help you meet the highest standard of compliance and deliver great results from your CRM programme

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